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Here at Dallas Landscape Lighting we are your source for specification grade low voltage outdoor lighting components! We believe our Landscape Lighting provideslandscape lights dallas texas the lighting buyer with the highest value. By combining superior materials, finish, workmanship and the industry’s best lighting products you can be confident that Landscape Lights Dallas is the right choice for your custom residential or commercial outdoor lighting project.

Landscape lighting is a great way to bring out any focal point in your landscape or garden. Out door lighting (low voltage lighting) will save you money while providing time, safety, security and beauty to your home.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting 

Lights adds time... Lighting leverages your landscape investment by extending the hours you can spend relaxing or partying outdoors.

Lights adds safety.... Do your houseguest stumble over the steps coming in? Lighting provides a safe path around toys, raised sidewalks, pool decks or other obstacles near your walkway.

Lights add security... Potential bugulars will pass by a well-lit property, assuming someone is home. Your lighting system will work for you even when you are out of town.

Lights add beauty... The aesthetic charm of lighting your home and landscape at night is magical. Landscape lighting brings out the beauty of your property and home, creating shape and mood.

Advantages of Landscape Lighting

 Why we exclusively use low voltage lighting systems.

Low Voltage Landscape Lights

Low Voltage Advantages (12 volts)

  • Small, concealable fixtures are easy to hide within the landscape
  • Flexible fixture positioning allows easy movement as landscape matures
  • No need to bury fixtures or supply cable
  • Safe around water fitures
  • Less damaging to root systems
  • Pinpoint accuracy of light sources
  • Energy efficient - more light per watt


  • More expensive initial cost for material - transformer needed

 Line Voltage

Line Voltage Advantages (120 volt)

  • Low Initial material cost
  • Inexpensive lamps
  • Can access more power


  • High operational costs over time
  • Must trench and distribute wire in conduit 18" below ground for protection
  • Expensive to move or relocate fixtures as landscape matures
  • Need a junction box for each fixture
  • More glare is produced due to lamp construction
  • Less controllable light

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Residential Landscape Lighting

Commercial Landscape Lighting

We can help you with the following types of Landscape Lighting:

  • Area lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Well lighting
  • Spot lighting 
  • Deck lighting
  • Water lighting